Organic Pest Control

Organic Natural Flea Tick Mosquito Control Essential Oil

Organic Flea, Tick, & Mosquito Control for your Dog

This like many of our products came about because of the needs of our own furry family members. Mykey our senior dog picked up some fleas several years back. Without knowing what was actually in many of the flea control products we picked up one from the vets office and applied it to the back of his neck.

By the next day Mykey was sick and throwing-up. We we not too alarmed as it passed and after a short time so did his fleas. But we had to keep applying the flea treatment and after every time Mykey would get sick. It didn’t take long till we understood it was the flea medication doing this too him and so we researched what was actually in the stuff we were putting on the back of his neck. It was marketed as “medication” but actually contained a low dose pesticide.

With some rational thought we decided we could not understand how putting something on Mykey that was designed to kill things could possibly be any good for him. Hence the reason he was getting sick……

So we needed a non pesticide way of controlling the fleas, ticks, mosquitos that would bother Mykey. We came up with this fully organic blend of essential oils that do not kill anything but keep these pests far away from our Mykey. Our blend of organic citronella, cedar, lemongrass, and eucalyptus essential oils is completely effective at keeping flea’s ticks and mosquitos away from you and your dogs & cats.

This organic essential oil blend can be used in a spray by adding 4, 5, or more drops in 300 ml water and misting over surfaces or your furry family member. Add 10 to 20 drops to your dog or cat shampoo to make it a natural pest control shampoo. You can also put this organic pest control essential oil can also be added to a fragrance oil warmer to create a pest free room.

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